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mSmart Design Tool


Find recommended Samsung Products for your Mobile Phone requirements and create a portfolio .You will be notified with up to-dated production status and product roadmap for your projects.

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Trend Monitoring

The mobile applications such as smartphones and tablets continue to evolve and diversify according to the market needs.Some of the key hardware specifications such as memory requirements will show how the consumer needs are changing over different regions.Samsung’s mSmart-Design can offer our customer can compare those key specifications to each other, giving them clear perspective over the fast changing mobile industry trends.

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Mobile Positioning

When designing hardware architecture for the mobile appliances, it is becoming more and more critical to be able to simulate quickly and reliably to meet the challenges of fast moving mobile industry.Continuing over the trend monitoring, the mSmart Design offers a unique ability to design your smartphone or tablet computers with some of the key hardware specifications, including mobile memory, CPU, and Display, This new service "Mobile Positioning" will offer our customers fast decision making over what kind of hardware are required, providing vital information such as suitable mobile memories for the selected design.

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