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Find recommended Samsung Products for your Mobile Phone requirements and create a portfolio .You will be notified with up to-dated production status and product roadmap for your projects.

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Specifications & Features

The mobile device market-including feature phones, smartphones, and tablets-is continuing to generate its own set of unique memory requirements.From the low cost of feature phones to the high - performance requirements of smart phones and tablets, new memory solutions are necessary to meet the storage and speed requirements.


When designing mobile memory subsystems, it is becoming more and more critical to be able to simulate not only the detection but also the response to these new reliability challenges.Accurate modeling of these effects ensures that performance is not sacrificed unexpectedly.In the mobile memory space, the demands for higher performance, lower power DRAM solutions are resulting in the rapid introduction of new memory architectures.The global impact of these changes is being felt in not only the rapidity of adoption of new technologies, but also in the extension of existing technologies and creation of new technologies in order to meet increasing performance

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