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Take advantage of a legacy of mobile memory excellence

LPDDR1 is the 1st generation of mobile DRAM specifically designed for use in handheld devices such as smartphones, cameras, and portable game systems.

Samsung LPDDR1 is one of the most widely used mobile memory types in the world, bringing Samsung’s history of expertise and experience in PC DRAM to the mobile world.

Product Description

Flex your power-saving, performance-boosting design muscles

The benefits of using Samsung LPDDR1 in mobile communication devices are clear.With its advanced, on-chip technologies, LPDDR1 memory consumes less power than PC DRAM.

Temperature-compensated self-refresh (TCSR) means the DRAM requires refresh less often at low temperatures.Combine that with a low Stand By current and a Deep Power Down Mode that sacrifices all memory contents, and you can see the origins of the impressive power savings.

In addition, Samsung LPDDR1 can transfer data at up to 200 megabits per second (Mbps) per pin, which is approximately twice as fast as MSDR.


With its small, thin form-factor packages, LPDDR1 offers on-board design flexibility, giving our customers more options for their mobile memory applications.

Samsung LPDDR1 features:

  • Edge-aligned data output and center-aligned data input
  • Self Refresh and Temperature-Compensated Self-Refresh
  • Deep Power Down Mode
VDD / VDDQ 1.8V / 1.8V
Double Data Rate architecture 2 data transfers per clock cycle
Differential clock inputs CK and CK
MRS cycle with address key programs CAS Latency 2, 3
Burst Length 2, 4, 8, 16
EMRS cycle with address key programs Partial Array Self Refresh Full, ½, ¼ Array
Output Driver Strength Control Full, ½, ¼, ⅛, ¾, ⅜, ⅝, ⅞
All inputs (except data and DM) Sampled at positive going edge of the system clock (CK)
No DLL CK to DQS is not synchronized
DM For write masking only

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