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The next-generation LPDDR4 DRAM will contribute significantly to faster growth of the global mobile DRAM market, which will soon comprise the largest share of the entire DRAM market.

It enabling end users to have faster, more responsive applications, more advanced features, and higher resolution displays while maximizing battery life

LPDDR4 – Perfect partner 4 your mobile

Product Description

Overall, the new LPDDR4 interface will provide 50 percent higher performance than the fastest LPDDR3 or DDR3 memory.Also, it consumes approximately 40 percent less energy at 1.1 volts.With the new chip, Samsung will focus on the premium mobile market including large screen UHD smartphones, tablets and ultra-slim notebooks that offer four times the resolution of full-HD imaging, and also on high-performance network systems.

Product comparison: LPDDR4 vs LPDDR2 & 3


Samsung LPDDR4 features:

  • 2channel composition per die
  • 8 internal banks for each channel
  • Internal VREF and VREF training
  • FIFO based write/read training
  • LVSTL (Low Voltage Swing Terminated Logic) IO
  • VSSQ Termination
VDD1 / VDD2 / VDDQ 1.8V / 1.1V / 1.1V
Double Data Rate architecture 2 data transfers per clock cycle
Burst Length 16, 32 (OTF)
Burst type Sequential
No DLL CK to DQS is not synchronized

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