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Free your mobile devices from energy constraints

Samsung LPDDR2 DRAM is one of the most popular mobile memory types used in smartphones, tablet PCs, and other mobile devices.LPDDR2 is the first memory designed to use less power than LPDDR1.That means our customers can enjoy more freedom with their smartphones and tablet PCs.

Product Description

Pack twice the speed into the same space

Samsung LPDDR2 memory delivers 400-533MHz speed, equal to 1,066 megabits per second (Mbps) in 1.2V low voltage.LPDDR2 offers bandwidth up to 8.5 gigabytes (GB) per second, which is more than twice as fast as Mobile LPDDR1.

Samsung’s 20-nm class LPDDR2 is designed to deliver significant power savings compared to the previous-generation LPDDR1, while heightening performance to bring full, high-definition viewing to virtually any mobile device.


Our LPDDR2 is designed to extend the life of a seven-hour battery by about 45 minutes during typical mobile operation.For standby power, the savings are even more dramatic.For example, Samsung’s LPDDR2 can add up to three days of standby battery life for a smartphone.That is a 23 percent improvement over LPDDR1, increasing from 12.5 days to 15.4 days.

Samsung LPDDR2 features:

  • Edge-aligned data output and center-aligned data input
  • Partial Array Self Refresh and Temperature Compensated Self Refresh
  • Bidirectional data strobe (DQS and /DQS)
  • Differential clock inputs (CK and /CK) and data strobes (DQS and /DQS)
  • Commands and addresses entered on both positive and negative CK edges
  • 8 internal banks for concurrent operation
  • Configurable Drive Strength
VDD1 / VDD2 / VDDQ / VDDCA 1.8V / 1.2V / 1.2V / 1.2V (HSUL_12 compatible inputs)
Double Data Rate architecture 2 data transfers per clock cycle
Burst Length 4 (default), 8, or 16
Burst type Sequential or Interleave
Auto refresh duty cycle 3.9us
No DLL CK to DQS is not synchronized

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