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NAND based MCP

Performance is Stacking Up

As mobile technology advances, programs and applications for smartphones and tablets become more processor-intensive.Perfectly suited for today’s mobile devices, Samsung eMCP solutions can handle big data while saving space, offering our customers freedom and competitiveness.

Featuring MCP products with embedded multi-media cards (eMMC), eMCP extends the benefits of MCP to new mobile applications requiring high-density memory in minimal space.

Product Description

Samsung Multi-Chip Packages

MCP offers most varied line-ups currently available

The popular SLC Flash-based MCPs support diverse density combinations of Samsung SLC NAND Flash mixed with LPDDR1 memory, in small form factors.Since all the memory components used in Samsung MCPs are in-house products, we can insure flexible supply to our customers.Typically found in feature phones and low-end smartphones, where space is a critical factor, Samsung MCP memory configurations are designed to support a growing list of device capabilities.Samsung Multi-Chip Packages are expanding freedom and choice for users who want to do more with their mobile applications.


Variety of memory technologies in a single solution package

Samsung MCPs combine a variety of memory technologies, including single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash and LPDDR1 Mobile DRAM, on a single substrate.This flexible approach is designed to deliver:

  • Significant performance boost for the memory and the overall system by combining different capacities of volatile (Mobile DRAM) and nonvolatile (Flash) memory in a closely positioned, tightly coupled design.
  • Up to 40 percent savings in memory board space thanks to our vertical chip stacking configuration (based on internal Samsung tests).
  • Accelerated time to market via rapid integration of MCP memory modules into systems.This process helps manufacturers develop and ship products even faster.

The Samsung MCP portfolio includes a broad variety of memory configurations, primarily with 2-, 3-, or 4-die packages.The most popular combinations are 1Gb+512Mb, 2Gb+1Gb, and 4Gb+2Gb (NAND and Mobile DRAM).

Cutting-edge processing - from factory floor to mobile device

Samsung MCPs optimize designs for a comprehensive range of new and evolving consumer electronic devices.

  • Many Samsung MCPs use low-power memory technology that combines Flash and DRAM, and which consumes less energy as it extends battery life.
  • As an in-house supplier of DRAM and Flash memory, Samsung provides more support for product development.
  • Vendors can integrate MCPs from a single supplier into the overall system design more quickly.As a result, less time and fewer resources are needed to interface multiple memory devices with different timing parameters.

For virtually any mobile phone, Samsung offers a mass-produced MCP solution to enable the desired feature set.In fact, Samsung has been qualified in many reference designs from top-tier chipset vendors.In addition, Samsung can produce custom MCPs quickly to help meet demanding design schedules.

Market-driving competitive edge

Samsung MCPs help you stay ahead of the competition in the fast-moving mobile device market.With minimized power consumption, small size, and high memory density, Samsung MCP solutions offer the memory foundation upon which to build a full spectrum of high-end consumer electronic devices.Samsung high-density MCPs allow you to capitalize on the growing trend for powerful multimedia applications and wireless Internet support that today's consumers expect from their portable devices.

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