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Quick and easy storage solutions for mobile applications.

Samsung’s embedded MultiMedia Card (eMMC) is a managed NAND solution that follows eMMC I/F defined by JEDEC.

The eMMC includes single or multiple NAND Flash memory with a controller to manage the operations and data I/F.

Product Description

Advanced, managed NAND flash memory for mobile applications

Samsung eMMC offerings deliver highly intelligent, managed NAND flash that helps simplify boot and mass storage designs for the latest in consumer electronics, including tablets, smartphones, GPS systems, eReaders, and other mobile computing devices.

Based on the latest JEDEC eMMC specification, Samsung eMMC memory is produced in extremely compact sizes - typically smaller than a postage stamp - freeing up space for other components.Standardized packaging and device specifications plus intelligent firmware ease design work and provide a common footprint for the use of embedded and removable NAND.


Speed time to market and minimize costs

Samsung eMMC memory is designed to offer benefits including:

  • Reduced design, development, and testing time for your product by isolating the host from changes in NAND memory technology and bypassing the Flash Translation Layer (FTL).
  • Faster overall time to market through simplified system design and integration of both single-level cell (SLC)-type and multi-level cell (MLC)-type NAND memory.This approach makes Samsung eMMC memory an excellent choice for deployment across any segment, including low-cost legacy chipsets.
  • Operation at standard voltage levels, with no need to develop or use separate firmware for the eMMC controller.
  • Industry-standard eMMC 4.41 and 4.5 interfaces, which turn memory accesses into simple read/write operations with advanced security and reliability features.

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