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Samsung SD Card: Pro Extreme high-performance & reliable memory card for DSLR/3D camcorder

Protect life's priceless moments with memory cards designed for the way you live

Keep your precious memories safe and sound with an experienced leader in memory cards

Taking snapshots and videos of life's cherished memories is the best way to relive these memorable moments time and again. That's why it is so important to ensure every shot you take is captured and kept safe and secure from life's little mishaps, such as water, extreme temperatures, impact and even airport security x-ray checkpoints. Now you can rest easy with Samsung. Samsung's high-performance, stylish and secure memory cards ensure that the digital memories of your wedding, vacation, child's graduation and more are protected from whatever life throws at them. As the world's leading NAND vendor for 11 years and the supplier of choice, Samsung offers a superb lineup of three memory cards that capture and transfer your images, while protecting them from unforeseen accidents and everyday, unexpected situations.

Choose the perfect, high-performance model for all your memory needs

Samsung's three-tier memory card lineup boasts the highest level of performance with unmatched style and the fastest transfer speeds among equivalent models on the market. And there's sure to be one that fits your needs and device. Each tier is available in a microSD card for smartphones and tablets and an SD card for cameras and camcorders. Select from the following lineup:

Full range of Memory cards Standard EVO PRO
Performance The Standard model offers solid mobile performance and is a must-have for mobile phones, tablets, point-and-shoot cameras and mid-range camcorders. It's the smart choice for storing more music, photos, videos and apps The EVO model boasts ultra-highspeed performance and is the preferred memory card for your smartphones, tablets, full HD (FHD) camcorders and digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras. Its ultra-fast performance brings you improved data transfer of more photos and videos on your mobile devices and high-resolution photo and video capturing on your cameras and camcorders. The PRO model delivers extremely high performance speeds and reliability for premium smartphones, tablets, FHD camcorders and DSLR cameras. You can enjoy fast transfer speeds and a better user experience (UX) on your mobile devices and capture professional-quality photos and videos with your high-end DSLR cameras and camcorders.
Uses for SD

You can insert the SD Standard into compact digital cameras and capture and share the cherished moments with your family every day.

The SD EVO offers support for photographers and people who need to capture split-second action shots and quickly transfer them to their PCs or other devices.

This card is well suited for use in digital camcorders for recording highdefinition videos.
Uses for microSD

This card is for casual smartphone users who need extra storage for a little bit of everything, such as listening to music, watching videos and downloading apps.

Besides casual uses, some people need to frequently download and transfer files for presentations or reports and EVO is ideal for these functions.

For photographers or graphic designers who need portfolios that contain highdefinition, high-capacity files, PRO is the ideal choice.

Choose the right memory card to store your precious moments

Reliable 5 Proof Technology protects your precious data

Samsung Memory cards can endure 24 hours submerged in water and survive being run over by a 1.6ton vehicle (SDHC, SDXC), not to mention the perils of airport X-ray machines, magnetism and extreme temperatures.So your memories will survive - even if your camera doesn't.Trust Samsung with your precious moments.

Pick from a sleekly designed and colorful choice of memory cards to suit individual needs

Samsung's new flash memory design helps make your choice easy. We've completely redesigned the look with bright, color-coded hues, representing the performance levels and features of each memory card, to help make your memories even more beautiful. Each memory card is distinguished by a different color according to its specific characteristics, so you can paint your own colorful story, rich in beautiful memories. Choose the color that's right for you, emerald blue for the Standard line, romantic orange for the EVO line or professional silver for the PRO line.

  Standard EVO PRO
Family Line microSD SD microSD SD microSD SD
Transfer Speed Class 6, transfer speed with up to 24 MB/s Class 10, Grade 1 transfer speed with up to 48 MB/s Class 10, Grade 1 transfer speed with up to 90 MB/s

A variety of storage capacities to fit all usage needs